Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Bitter Employee Haiku # 177

it's an interview
i wait for the dumb question
where I blow all chances

oh dear. so many times this has happened. when the clueless HR person asks you "what gets you up in the morning?" don't answer "uh, coffee?" if you want a job. If the VP of some now-defunct division of an almost-defunct company who's current revenues were at about $4 million says "My boss gave me a rev figure of $40 million for next year. What would you do first?" don't answer "I'd go back and tell him he needed to pick a new figure" if you want a job.

It's perhaps better I didn't get any of these jobs :)


Alison said...

This one is so perfect for today's job market! How about the old standby - "So, tell me a little bit about yourself?" I'm pretty sure that question cost me tons of jobs. I hate it!

Kim Northrop said...

Yeah. They always want you to have a life, but not really. I was once asked what my career strategy was and [knowing I had already botched the interview] said 'I want to do the next most interesting thing that comes along, that pays more.' suprisingly, not the answer they were looking for.